Helpful Tips for Bathing Your Cat

Do you bathe your kitty? While it isn’t an absolute must, some people do like to bathe their kitties on occasion. However, your feline pal may be less than thrilled about bath time. In fact, many cats absolutely hate getting wet! Read on as a Frisco, TX vet offers tips on giving your kitty a bath.


Before giving Fluffy a bath, check with your vet to make sure he or she doesn’t object. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Even if your vet has no objections, take care not to bathe your cat too often: this could dry out her fur.

Water Temp

When bathing Fluffy, always use warm, not hot water. The water should not go any deeper than your cat’s chest. You may find it easier to fill the tub before your put your kitty in the water.


Be sure to use only products made for pets. Human shampoos and conditioners are too strong for our feline pals. They may strip the oils from your cat’s fur, leaving her looking dry and even a bit frizzy.


The day before you bathe Fluffy, give her a good brushing. This will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. You may also want to clip her nails.


Before bringing your feline buddy into the bathroom, put a rubber mat in the tub. While full-body armor is entirely optional, we do recommend wearing thick jeans or pants and long sleeves.

Bathing Techniques

Once Fluffy’s fur is wet, lather her gently. Talking to your cat gently and petting her may help keep her calm. To avoid getting soap or water in your furry friend’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth: just use a washcloth on her head. Use a pitcher to gently rinse your kitty.


Gently pat your cat dry with a towel. If Fluffy doesn’t mind a blow dryer, you can use one on a low heat setting to dry your furry little diva off. Just don’t force your kitty to submit to being blow-dried. Once your furball’s coat is mostly dry, she’ll probably groom herself to get her fur back in place. To reactivate her purr, offer her a special treat or a new toy.

Do you have questions or concerns about cat care? We are always happy to help! Contact us, your Frisco, TX animal clinic, today!

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