Creating a Catio

Do you have a patio, spare room, or sunroom? Why not turn it into a catio for your kitty? Fluffy is both healthier and happier as an indoor pet, but there’s no reason she can’t get a little taste of nature. A Frisco, TX vet offers some tips on creating the purrfect catio below.


Kitties need entertainment and stimulation to stay happy. Offer your furball lots of fun toys to play with. If your catio is actually a patio, opt for playthings that won’t get too dusty. Some good options are automated laser pointers, balls, catnip bubbles, and mechanical ‘swimming’ fish.


No catio is complete without some kitty furniture. This is a great spot for a cat tower! Kitty shelves or catwalks will definitely please your feline overlord. Fluffy may also enjoy a cat hammock or a pet tent. If you are low on funds, look up some DIY options. You may be surprised at how many wonderful ideas you can find online!


As you have probably noticed, our feline pals are quite sleepy. Fluffy can sleep up to 12 hours a day! Make sure to include plenty of cozy beds for your drowsy pet.

Window View

Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite activities. If possible, put a birdfeeder up where your cat can see it. Your feline friend may spend hours watching local wildlife and daydreaming about hunting.

Kitty Garden

No catio would be complete without some pet safe plants for your furball to nibble on and hide behind. Some good options are Boston ferns, Rubber Tree plants, Money trees, and Cast Iron palms. You can find more great suggestions at the ASPCA website. (Tip: you can upcycle an old litterbox by adding soil and wheat grass seeds. In a few weeks, your furry buddy will have a living mat to look adorable on.)


We’re not sure what is behind Fluffy’s box obsession, but we do know it’s adorable. Don’t forget to add some empty boxes to your pet’s catio now and then!

The Human Touch

Just because you’ve turned a spot into a catio doesn’t mean you have to abandon it. Add some furniture for yourself, too. Fluffy’s catio may make a great reading nook or coffee spot!

Please contact us, your local Frisco, TX pet hospital, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re always happy to help!

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