Swimming With Fido

Summer is just around the corner! Are you planning to go swimming a lot this year? It’s always great to take a dip on a sweltering day. Many of our canine buddies also like splashing around and swimming. Read on as a local Frisco, TX vet offers tips on swimming with Fido.


Before taking your furry friend to a lake, beach, or pool, make sure he knows basic commands, like Stay and Come. This basic training can keep your pup from jumping off a dock or running out into unsafe waters. If your pooch doesn’t know how to swim, make time to give him doggy swim lessons.


Man’s Best Friend can overheat quickly on a sweltering summer day. Make sure to bring along plenty of fresh water for Fido. You may want to consider getting a doggy water bottle with an attached bowl, or collapsible plastic dishes.


Always put safety first. Never leave your canine pal near water unattended. If you take your four-legged buddy to a pool, the first thing to do is show him how to get out. Test your pup a bit, and make sure he remembers. You may also want to put a potted tree near the steps, to mark the exit. Pool covers are another concern. Fido may not realize that a cover isn’t a solid surface, and could easily jump onto it. This can be a deadly mistake! We recommend fencing off pool areas when they aren’t being used.

Paw Care

Have you ever walked barefoot on hot sand? Ouch! This is just as painful for dogs as it is for us. Fido can get burns or blisters from walking on hot ground. At the beach, he could also cut his furry foot on a sharp shell or rock. Keep your cute pet on soft ground as much as possible, and use paw balm to protect his paws. You can also try booties, though not all pooches will go for wearing shoes.

Fur Care

Once you’ve finished swimming, rinse your pup off to get salt, sand, and/or chemicals out of his coat. After he’s dry, you may want to give him a good brushing. It’s also worth noting that some dogs get sunburned easily. Ask your vet about putting sunscreen on your pup.

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