Cute Ways Cats Show Affection

If you have a kitty, you’ve probably noticed that our feline pals are full of charming quirks. Fluffy definitely has a special way of keeping us smiling with her lovable mannerisms and hilarious antics. They also have some endearing ways of showing affection. A Frisco, TX vet lists some of them below.


The purr may be cats’ most adorable trait. These cute furballs actually vibrate with happiness! Some kitties start their engines as soon as you pet them or even just look at them. Those soothing purrs are extra special, because they cheer us up, help us relax, and just put smiles on our faces.

Slow Blink

Did you know that blinking can be a sign of affection in cats? When our furry buddies blink slowly, they are usually quite relaxed and content. Think of it as a wink at kitty speed.

Roll Over

While rolling over is normally something we associate with dogs, some cats do it too. If your furball invites you to rub her belly, you’re definitely doing something right. This is a huge kitty compliment, as it means your cat trusts you enough to let you pet her most vulnerable area. (Disclaimer: Fluffy reserves the right to change her mind about belly rubs at any given time, and without prior notice.)


Cats are very curious, and, well, perhaps a bit nosy. Fluffy may show her affection by following you around, and supervising your every move. She may even try to follow you into the bathroom!


Our furry friends all have their own purrsonalities. Some kitties are rather quiet, and only speak up when they are hungry or need help. Others are basically little chatterboxes who like to boss their humans around. However, if Fluffy often meows at you, or ‘answers’ when you talk to her, she is showing her love. Sort of.

Leg Rub

Fluffy may also show her love by rubbing against your legs. (Note: technically, your kitty may be trying to claim ownership of you when she does this, by rubbing her scent on you. It’s still a charming habit!)


If cats had just one job, it would likely be cuddling. Fluffy loves to sleep on her humans’ laps, or snuggle up with them at night.

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