Helpful Kitties

Our feline friends have it pretty easy, for the most part. Fluffy used to earn her keep by catching mice. However, these days, she doesn’t really have to do much aside from look cute, sleep, and cuddle up with her humans. However, kitties do still try to lend a helping paw when they can. In this article, a local Frisco, TX vet lists some of the ways cats help us.

Promote Good Health

Does Fluffy ever dash out in front of you, causing you to suddenly stop and check your balance? Do you sometimes find yourself stretching to reach the toy your pet pushed under the couch? This is just your kitty’s way of helping you stay in shape!

Help Strengthen Your Lungs

Does your cat sometimes sleep on top of you at night? Does Fluffy curl up beside your pillow? By making your lungs work harder, your furry little friend is keeping you healthy.

Leading By Example

Cats have a reputation for being graceful, but to be honest, this isn’t always the case. Some furballs are actually rather clumsy. Fluffy may roll off the side of a desk or cat tower in her sleep. This is actually your pet’s way of showing you the dangers of sleeping too close to the edge.

Guard Boxes

If you ever have to unpack items from a cardboard box, Fluffy will offer her aid. If you put the box down on the floor, she will most likely immediately hop into it to keep it from escaping.

Instigate Cleaning Sessions

Cats have a few tricks to urge their humans to clean more. Fluffy may leave fur on your sofa, causing you to vacuum it. Or, she may leave a hairball on the floor, so you have to mop it. Your furball knock objects off your coffee table, so you have to pick up.

Assist With Chores

Many kitties love helping their humans with wrapping gifts. Fluffy may also offer her aid with changing sheets.

Force Relaxation

Have you ever delayed getting out of your chair because your cat was asleep in your lap, purring? Sometimes kitties look so comfortable we feel guilty about moving them. This isn’t a coincidence: this is just Fluffy’s way of forcing us to relax!

Please contact us for your helpful cat’s veterinary care needs. As your Frisco, TX vet clinic, we are also dedicated to being helpful!

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