5 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? Shelter cats, unfortunately, face some pretty tough odds. They may not have much time to find themselves a human to love and care for them. This time of year is particularly difficult, with the influx of kittens born each spring. While any time is a good time to adopt a shelter cat, shelter resources are often stretched very thin in June. Read on as a Frisco, TX vet lists some great reasons to adopt a shelter cat.

Find Your Purrfect Pet

Whether you are looking for a playful kitten, a calm adult feline, or a cuddly senior cat, you’ll be able to find a shelter kitty that both suits your needs and melts your heart. You will be able to choose your pet from a variety of furry faces.

Make A Furever Friend

Cats have a reputation for being cold and aloof, but that really isn’t fair. Kitties are very emotional little furballs, and can get very attached to their owners. They are also smart enough to understand when someone has helped them, and to appreciate the love and care we offer. You’ll be rewarded with purrs, cuddles, entertainment, and unconditional love. What more could you want?

Enjoy Lower Costs

Shelters are typically much cheaper than pet stores or breeders. You may also save on veterinary care, since most adoptable cats are already spayed or neutered and current on their vaccines and parasite control. Many places also offer discounts at certain times of the year.

Save A Life

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you are an animal lover, as we are. You may wish you could help every homeless cat out there. That’s too big of a job for any one person to take on, but you can offer one lucky furball a new beginning. Adopting a shelter cat is a very rewarding act of kindness, and something you can feel great about!

Help Animals In Need

When you adopt a shelter cat, you’re also helping other homeless kitties. Freeing up a spot at the shelter will make room for another cat in need. Plus, Fluffy’s adoption fees will also help the shelter care for other pets.

Please contact us, your local Frisco, TX vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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