Spoiling a Senior Cat

Is your kitty in her golden years? Fluffy will never stop being adorable, no matter how old she gets. However, your pet’s care needs will change a little as she ages. How do you keep an older cat’s motor going? A Frisco, TX vet offers some advice on pampering a senior cat in this article.

Soft Beds

Beds would probably be the number one luxury item for all cats. This is extra important for older furballs, however. Store-bought beds are fine, but you can also just put soft folded blankets into boxes or wicker baskets, or lay them out on chairs or sofas.

Heating Pads

Kitties often get stiff and sore in their old age. Your cat may appreciate a thermal blanket or a heated bed. You can also try putting a warm towel on Fluffy’s bed.

Good Nutrition

Making sure your furry friend is getting proper nutrition is important no matter what age she is. However, as Fluffy ages, you’ll need to be careful not to overfeed her. Your pet may also benefit from certain supplements, such as fish oil. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.


Older cats sometimes develop issues with their vision. Keep a nightlight on for your feline pal, to help her find her way around at night more easily.

Pet Stairs

Fluffy may have a hard time jumping up to reach her favorite perches and napping spots. Get your furball some kitty stairs to help her out. You can also just arrange footstools or ottomans to make kitty steps.


Senior cats sometimes get confused easily. Fluffy may forget where her litterbox is, get ‘stuck’ in a corner, or get lost going to the kitchen. Your feline buddy may meow loudly to express her frustration and anxiety when these things happen. Try to comfort your kitty by petting her and talking to her softly.


It isn’t uncommon for older cats to have slightly unkempt fur. That’s because Fluffy isn’t as flexible as she once was, and may have a hard time reaching her entire body. Gently brush your cute pet to remove tangles and dead hair from her coat. This will keep her fur soft and smooth, and prevent her from feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

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