Fluffy’s Box Obsession

Have you ever set a box down on the floor, only to have your feline buddy immediately jump into it? We suspect the answer to that question is yes. Cats are all unique, but one thing many of them have in common is a love of boxes. What’s that all about? A Plano, TX vet discusses Fluffy’s box obsession below.

The Official Story

It’s generally accepted that cats like boxes because they feel safe in small, secure places. This does make sense. After all, in the wild, kitties need to seek shelter from weather and predators, and a small den or hiding spot is going to be safest. Small spaces also give kitties the chance to ambush unsuspecting prey. However, this theory loses water when you look at photos of cats in boxes, and see furballs happily smooshing themselves into boxes that are clearly much too small for them. Fluffy also doesn’t seem to mind too much if her chosen box is much too big.

Invisible Boxes

To make matters even more purrplexing, cats don’t even need their boxes to actually exist. If you put a few pieces of tape down on the floor in a square shape, there’s a good chance that it will attract Fluffy like, well, a kitty magnet. We really have no explanation for this: we just know it’s cute.

Big Cats

It isn’t only housecats that love boxes. Many bigger felines, like lions and tigers, also love them! Of course, they need larger boxes.

Stress Levels

While there haven’t been too many studies completed on Fluffy’s love of boxes, there was one done in the Netherlands recently. The results? Kitties that had boxes actually had lower stress levels than those who didn’t. The next time you order something online, give your furball the box. This is an easy way to brighten up your cat’s day!

Box Castle

Want to really pamper your pet? Make her a box castle. You can keep it simple, by simply attaching a few boxes together. Or, go all out and make your furry little princess her own palace, complete with balconies, turrets, towers, and windows. (Fluffy would also love a moat filled with fish, but that’s probably a bit much.) This is a great rainy-day project for kids!

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