Holiday Gifts for Senior Cats

Is your feline friend aged 10 or older? If so, your furball is entering—or perhaps already in—her senior years. Of course, Fluffy may still have many years of purrs and snuggles ahead of her. Cats are living much longer than they used to these days. However, your pet’s needs will change as she ages. That’s definitely something for you to keep in mind as you pick out her holiday gifts. Here, a Frisco, TX vet lists some great gifts for older cats.


To be fair, comfy beds are excellent presents for any kitty. They even make great gifts for furballs that already have beds. As far as our feline buddies are concerned, there’s just no such thing as too many napping spots! We recommend orthopedic beds for senior cats.

Pet Ramps

Senior kitties often have trouble climbing up to their favorite perches and napping spots. Consider getting Fluffy some pet ramps or stairs.


Senior cats often develop arthritis, which can be quite painful. Fortunately, modern veterinary medicine offers many ways to help your kitty feel better, such as supplements, treatments, and medication. Ask your vet for specific advice.

New Litterbox

Kitties in their golden years often have trouble with litterboxes that have high sides. Get Fluffy a box with low walls, which will be easier for her to climb in and out of. If you have more than one floor, put litterboxes on every level, so your furry pal doesn’t have to use the stairs as much.

Senior Furniture

Did you know that you can get cat towers made just for senior kitties? These pieces typically incorporate ramps and stairs, which makes them easy for older kitties to navigate. Talk about a purrfect gift!


Kitties never entirely outgrow their playful streak. Bring out Fluffy’s inner kitten by giving her some fun new toys. Your furry little friend may appreciate toys that light up or make noise, as they will be easier for her to ‘track.’

Wellness Care

Fluffy would probably scratch this one off the list if she could. However, don’t let your kitty’s I-hate-car-rides tantrums fool you. Your feline pal will be both healthier and more comfortable with proper veterinary care!

Happy holidays from all of us here at Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital, your Frisco, TX vet clinic, anytime. Please contact us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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