COVID-19 Updates

Keeping you and your pets healthy

In an effort to keep our clients and staff safe during this uncertain time with COVID-19, we will be personally calling to confirm all appointments. During this call, we will be screening using the same questions recommended by the CDC.

If you are exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory infection, or have recently traveled out of the country, we will likely ask you to reschedule the appointment unless it is for a sick pet. Rest assured, if your pet is sick, we will find a way to take care of them, even if you are ill. It may require having a technician come out to your car to get the pet and Dr. Michalk to speak with you on the phone, but your pet will get the care it needs.

Likewise, all of our employees have been directed to not come to work with respiratory symptoms or fevers to protect you, our clients.

If you need to pick up food, medication refills, etc., please let us know and we will have it ready and deliver it out to your car. Let us know if there are other ways you feel we can help you through this time.

At this time, there has been no evidence of transmission from infected people to their pets, but please know that your pet can carry the virus on its fur, just as any other object could that was contaminated with a cough or sneeze, or even a cuddle and a kiss.

If you have questions, please either post or message us on Facebook, or you can e-mail us at [email protected] and Dr. Michalk will respond to your question between seeing patients. We thank you all for your understanding as we navigate this situation as a community.

Stay safe all!

Your Coit Hedgcoxe Team

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