10% Off Tech Thursday

Does your furry family member need some special attention? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect solution!

We are excited to offer 10% Off Tech Thursdays where our experienced Vet Tech can pamper your pet with:

  • nail trim/dremels
  • bath and brush
  • ear cleans
  • anal gland expressions
  • Bordetella and lepto boosters
  • labwork follow-up & pre-anesthetic labwork draws
  • even heartworm and fecal tests when your pet has seen the doctor in the past year

So if you hear the “click, click, click” of your pet’s claws as they walk around the house, or perhaps you’re wondering if booty scooting on your carpet is a new “trick,” rest assured it is not. Rather it’s your pet telling you they’re uncomfortable. Or maybe, you’ve noticed your pet exhibiting out of the ordinary behavior – this could be a result of stress for which we have just the remedy, a spa day!

If any of these sound familiar, call the fabulous team at Coit Hedgecoxe Animal Hospital to schedule your Vet Tech Check where our highly experienced staff members will happily take care of some of these nagging issues and bring your pet back into a wonderfully comfortable and happy state!

So call 972-335-8100 today to schedule your special Vet Tech Check appointment and get your pet back. Plus, if you need to see Dr. Michalk, we’re extending our Saturday hours until 1 pm.

See you soon,
The team at Coit Hedgecoxe Animal Hospital

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