Guests and Pets

The holiday season is officially upon us! Many people are looking forward to reuniting with friends and family members. Of course, our animal companions are also part of the family. While none of us could imagine life without our furry buddies, it’s important to remember that not everyone has pets of their own. Here, a Plano, TX vet offers some tips on helping guests and pets coincide peacefully. 


We love our furry pals, but they can be a bit stinky. A good cleaning is in order. Vacuum and dust thoroughly. You can use a squeegee or damp sponge to remove pet fur from upholstery. We also recommend washing your pet’s bedding, as well as any throw blankets. Changing your air filters will also help. You may want to set out things like tissues and over the counter allergy medications. Finally, if you have a dog, give Fido a bath or take him to the salon. That way, your guests will be greeted by a soft, clean pup!

Shy Pets

Just like people, pets all have their own personalities. Some are quite bold, while others are very timid and fearful. If your four-legged friend falls into the latter category, give them a safe space away from the commotion. Set them up with comfy bedding, food, and other necessities, and let them enjoy their holiday privately. (A few new toys would not be inappropriate.)

Not-So-Shy Pets

On the other end of the spectrum, we have pets that are super friendly, and are always underfoot. If your dog or cat is a furry ball of zoom, tire them out with a fun play session. This will burn off your frisky friend’s excess energy. Afterwards, they’ll be a bit calmer and less prone to mischief. 

Guest Rooms

Guests should never post a direct threat. However, many people aren’t aware of all of the things that can endanger our furry buddies, such as unsafe foods. Others may inadvertently endanger pets in other ways, such as leaving a door open or leaving medications within paws reach. If your guests are staying overnight, ask them to keep their door closed. This can help avoid awkward situations, such as Fido chewing their shoes or Fluffy leaving a hairball in their suitcase.

Happy Holidays! As your local Plano, TX animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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