7 Ways to Celebrate Rescue Dog Day

May 20th is a special day for Man’s Best Friend: it’s Rescue Dog Day! Many of our patients were rescue dogs, who have overcome rough situations and are now thriving as beloved pets. If your canine companion was a rescue dog, make a note to yourself to do something special for Fido. A Plano, TX vet lists a few possible options in this article.

Puppy Party

It’s great to see people being able to reunite with family and friends and get back out into the world after being vaccinated. When you can safely gather with your close companions, have a backyard barbeque and invite both two-legged and four-legged friends. Set out lots of toys and snacks for the pups!


Many pooches love to accompany their humans to different places. Take Fido on a fun excursion to a doggy park, or try out a new trail with him. Fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are good for both of you!


A yummy treat is bound to make Fido’s day! Just stick with healthy options, like plain, unseasoned meat, fish, or chicken without the skin, bones, or fat.


It’s always super cute seeing how excited Fido gets over a new toy. Pick up a fun plaything for your canine pal, and spend some extra time playing with him. Chances are, your pup’s adorable antics will put a smile on your face.


We know, Fido would definitely vote against this one. No matter what your furry friend thinks about being bathed, he’ll be much more comfortable with clean, soft fur. Plus, you get to enjoy cuddles from a clean, fresh-smelling dog!


You just can’t have too many cute pictures of Fido on your phone. Snap some adorable pics of your canine buddy, and share them on social media. Use #rescuedogday hashtags to help spread the word. This is a great way to raise awareness on this topic!

Pat Yourself On The Back

Taking in a rescue dog is a very compassionate gesture, and one that is often returned in kind. You’ll be rewarded with love, loyalty, tail wags, and happy dances. Plus, you’ll gain a loyal and loving companion. You can also feel great about yourself, knowing you’ve helped at least one animal in need. Give yourself a hand!

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