Toad Poisoning in Dogs

Did you know that toads can pose a serious threat to your canine buddy? Frogs and toads aren’t always cute, but at least most of them are harmless. Many are even beneficial. However, some species are toxic. Given Fido’s affinity for eating and licking, well, everything, this can spell big trouble for Man’s Best Friend! A Frisco, TX veterinarian discusses toad poisoning below.

Toad Basics

Not every toad is poisonous. In fact, in the US, the majority of them are not. The two main types to be concerned about in this area are the Colorado River Toad, which is also called the Sonoran Desert Toad, and the Cane Toad, which is called the Marine Toad or Giant Neotropical Toad. You may want to look up photos of them, so you can spot them.

Warning Signs

If Fido licks a poisonous toad, it won’t take long for symptoms to appear. The exact symptoms will vary, depending on which toad it was. Heavy drooling is one red flag. Fido may also paw at his mouth or eyes. He may show signs of distress, such as whimpering, whining, or howling. Some other warning signs include respiratory distress, vomiting, refusing to eat, wobbling, and high temperature. Severe reactions can cause seizures or even collapse. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these indications. 

Risk Factors

Prevention is always better than a cure with pet care. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors are also at higher risk. There are also peak times and seasons to be aware of. Toads are usually most active at dusk and dawn, particularly in summer. It’s also worth mentioning that smaller dogs are more at risk than big ones. Ask your vet for more information.

What To Do

If you know or suspect that your dog has come into contact with a poisonous toad, you’ll need to take him to your vet or the nearest emergency clinic immediately. Rinsing your pet’s mouth out with water can help, but don’t wait around at home. Fido’s chances are best if he is treated within half an hour of his altercation with the toad. The outcome may also depend on if he actually ate the toad, or just licked it and decided he didn’t like the taste.

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