Tips For Adopting A Dog

October is Adopt A Dog Month! Of course, there’s never a bad time to bring Fido into the family. However, it is a big decision, and not something to take lightly. Here, a Plano, TX vet offers some advice on adopting your new canine friend.

Things To Consider

It’s very easy to fall for an adorable furry face. However, there are many things to think over before signing those papers, aside from how cute Fido is. If you have other pets— or are considering getting some—you’ll need to pick a dog that gets along well with other animals. Size is another factor, particularly for those who rent. If you adopt a Great Dane, you may have a hard time finding a landlord that will accept him down the road. Finally, be sure to choose a pooch whose personality and activity levels match yours. A playful, super-energetic pup may be a great fit for an outgoing family that loves to run and hike, but a quiet couch potato may be a better fit for a family of readers and gamers.

Getting Ready

Before you bring Fido home, you’ll need to do some petproofing. Address anything that could be a hazard. The biggest concerns are things your pet may try to eat or chew, such as toxic plants; wires and cords; chemicals; medicine; plastic bags and ties; and anything small or sharp. Some of this depends on how old your dog is. Puppies are frisky little chewing machines, and are somewhat more likely to get into trouble than seniors. That said, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Finding Fido

We love seeing any dog go to a great home, but we’re extra thrilled when shelter dogs get adopted. Even if you’re looking for a certain breed, size, or age, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect pooch waiting for you at a shelter or rescue. Be sure to spend some time with Fido before deciding.


A trip to the pet store is in order. Fido will need food, dishes, toys, treats, bedding, a tie-line, a leash and collar or harness, waste bags, and grooming supplies. Size and breed are important to consider when shopping, so it’s best to choose your furry pal before you hit the store.

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