Keeping An Older Cat Comfy

It’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Kitties are super cute when they are babies, but they’re also charming as adults and seniors. There’s something very sweet and heartwarming about getting purrs and snuggles from a kitty in her golden years, or seeing an elderly cat snoozing peacefully in her bed. Here, a Plano, TX vet lists some ways to keep an aging furball comfy and purring.

Comfy Beds

Senior cats are napping ninjas. Fluffy can sleep 20 hours a day! You may find that your drowsy pet loves finding warm, comfy napping spots. In addition to getting store-bought beds, you can put soft folded blankets on armchairs or in baskets.


We recommend that all kitties stay inside. However, this goes double for senior cats. Fluffy isn’t going to be as quick or nimble as she once was, and she may not be able to get away from threats such as stray dogs, cars, or even weather. There’s also an increased risk that she could get lost. Keep your feline friend indoors!


Did you know that daily play sessions are very beneficial for kitties? Even a few minutes of running and jumping make a great kitty workout. Plus, Fluffy has to think to line up those pounce/jump combos just right. That mental stimulation is great for her mind, and may even help ward off cognitive decay.

Senior-Friendly Litterbox

One small touch that can make a big difference is getting Fluffy a litterbox that’s easy for her to get in and out of. If you have a large house, multiple cats, or more than one story in your home, set out extra litterboxes.

Wellness Care

Just like people, cats become susceptible to a variety of medical issues as they grow older. Fluffy will need to come in a bit more often, so her health can be monitored. Keep up with your furball’s veterinary appointments!


Fluffy may need some help with her beauty regimen. Brushing her regularly will get that dead fur out of her coat before she swallows it. It will also keep her comfortable.

Kitty Comforts


Make sure that Fluffy feels comfortable, happy, and loved. Even just giving her a quick pat on the head as you pass by will help keep that motor going.

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Contact us, your Plano, TX animal clinic, today!

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