Tips For Having Multiple Dogs

Are you considering adding a second—or third—pooch to your household? This can be lots of fun for people who love dogs. It’s good for Fido to have some buddies to run and play with. However, more pups means more responsibility, more work, and more room for problems to develop. A Frisco, TX vet offers some advice on having more than one canine buddy below.

Choose Wisely

Picking the right dog is going to be half the battle. Don’t adopt a dog with an alpha personality if your current pooch already thinks that he is king of the house. Sometimes it will help if the new pooch is a puppy: little Fido will learn the house rules not only from you, but also from his furry roommates. If possible, do a meet and greet first.

Understand Conflict Causes

The potential for anger and aggression among your four-legged friends will be higher than usual at certain times. Feeding time is top of that list. For instance, Fido may try to help themselves to Spot’s food. Your pets may also get into squabbles when it’s time to go for a walk or a car ride. Another time to be extra cautious is when you get home from work. All your canine friends will want to greet you, and may push each other out of the way so they can get petted first.

Pack Mentality

Dogs are hard-wired to function as part of packs. Every pack has a hierarchy, at the top of which is the alpha dog. That’s not the bossiest dog: it’s you! Your furry pals need to know who is in charge. Training and consistency are both crucial here.


Dogs are more likely to act aggressive if they have to compete with each other over resources. Don’t invite doggy jealousy! Make sure you have toys and beds for everyone, and dole out treats and attention equally.


The two things that will probably make the biggest difference are training and exercise. Make sure that all of your canine companions are getting enough activity and playtime. They should also know basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come. If you’re having trouble with this, reach out to your vet or a professional dog behaviorist. It will be well worth it!

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