Taking Fluffy To The Vet

Take Your Cat To The Vet Day is August 22nd. Fluffy would probably rather celebrate Cat World Domination Day or Take Your Dog To The Vet Day, but proper veterinary care is important to her health and well-being. A local Frisco, TX vet offers some advice on this below.


Jokes aside, going to the vet actually is quite stressful for kitties. Travel is of course one reason for this: unlike our canine patients, many of whom love car rides, cats are often terrified of being in moving vehicles. Fluffy also tends to immediately become uneasy when put into a carrier. Then, once you get to the clinic, she may become further rattled by the unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds, as well as the presence and/or lingering scents of other animals, whom are also uneasy. Last but not least, there’s the disruption to your feline friend’s regular napping schedule.


Always bring your furball to her appointment in a carrier. It’s not safe to let Fluffy free in the car! She may get under your feet or climb onto you, which can be extremely dangerous. We recommend hard-shell carriers. The cardboard ‘donut boxes’ are really meant for one-time use, generally for people who are picking up cats they have just adopted, or perhaps bringing homeless kitties to shelters. You can make your furry pal’s carrier more comfortable by adding bedding and a few toys.

Getting Ready

Start leaving the carrier out a few days before Fluffy’s appointment. Offer her treats and catnip near it, to help her form a positive association with it. (Telling her to stay out of it may also work: reverse psychology is quite effective with kitties.) You can also start to leave her in for a few minutes at a time. Then, let her out and pet her.

Scheduling Appointments

Most kitties should come in at least once a year, though some cats will need to visit us more often. Your vet will be able to advise you, based on Fluffy’s age, health, and lifestyle. You’ll also need to watch for signs of illness at home. Our feline buddies often don’t show signs of sickness until they’re quite sick. Make an appointment right away if you notice anything amiss!

Has it been a while since your feline pal has come in? Contact us, your local Frisco, TX animal clinic, today!

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