Old Yeller Day

Old Yeller Day is September 24th! Do you recall seeing the movie? A Disney classic, the film received a rare 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, and has broken the collective hearts of a few generations. The film, which was based on a book by Fred Gipson, a Mason native, is now preserved in the Library of Congress for its cultural significance. A Frisco, TX veterinarian discusses the beloved canine character in this article.


In the book, Old Yeller is a Black Mouth Cur, but the pooch was portrayed in the movie by a Mastador/Lab Retriever cross named Spike. A shelter pup from California, the canine actor was trained by Frank Weatherwax, who also trained Pal, the original Lassie. Spike also appeared in several other movies and TV shows, including Lassie and The Mickey Mouse Club.


As you may know, Old Yeller’s ending was one of the most gut-wrenching and heartbreaking movie finales ever. However, the true power of the story is really about the love and friendship between humans and dogs. Of course, the end wasn’t completely bleak: Old Yeller left a pup behind, and put his pawprints on millions of hearts.

What’s In A Name?

There’s a double meaning to the pup’s now-famous moniker. The dog’s fur was yellow, which was often pronounced as ‘yeller’ back then. Plus, his bark sounded like a human yelling.


How does one celebrate Old Yeller Day? If you’re up for it, you can go to the celebration, which is up in Mason. The event will feature performers, artisans’ booths, and a dog parade, as well as a free showing of the movie. If you want to stick closer to home, you can also watch the film at your place. (We recommend stocking up on tissues.) Of course, the best way to honor Old Yeller, and his love and loyalty, may very well be to donate to a shelter. Event sponsor The Ole Yellow Animal Rescue is a perfect choice, but any will do.


We can’t really speak about Old Yeller without mentioning the importance of rabies shots. The book took place in a period before the vaccinations were available, but fortunately, today’s pups can be protected. If your pooch hasn’t been vaccinated, schedule that appointment ASAP.

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