Caring For A Grouchy Cat

Today is officially Grouch Day! Do you have a furry little curmudgeon on your hands? Just like people, cats all have their own purrsonalities. While many kitties are sweet and affectionate, others are, well, rather cantankerous. A Frisco, TX vet offers some tips on caring for a grumpy feline below.

Health Check

The first thing you’ll want to do is rule out health issues. Being sick or in pain isn’t much of a mood boost for anyone, and cats are no exception. If your furry little grouch gets the all-clear from your vet, then at least you know she’s healthy.


Do you have other pets? Fluffy could be lashing out because she is being bullied, or thinks her territory is being threatened. Make sure that you have enough resources, such as food bowls,toys, litterboxes, and beds, so your kitties don’t have to compete with each other. If you have a dog, make sure Fluffy has a safe spot in every room where she can get away from Fido if needed.


Did you know that playing can help tame your tiny tiger? A fun session of Catch The Red Dot can help Fluffy burn off a lot of her angst. She should be calmer after, and less inclined to a kitty temper tantrum.


Boredom can sometimes be a source of frustration for Fluffy. Window seats are great kitty entertainment. If your furry friend is spending a lot of time alone, leave a radio playing for her.

Don’t Force Attention

This really applies to any cat. However, cranky kitties are more likely to lash out when they feel trapped or threatened. Don’t force Fluffy to submit to being held or picked up.


While getting fixed may not completely transform your feisty feline, you may find that your kitty is much calmer after. If Fluffy hasn’t been fixed yet, we recommend getting that appointment scheduled right away.

Let Fluffy Be Fluffy

At the end of the day, Fluffy may just be a natural grump. Just let her be herself! You may find that your cranky pet still shows affection in her own way. She may not want to cuddle up on your lap, but she may want to stay in the same room with you.

Is your feline pal due for an exam? Contact us, your local Frisco, TX animal clinic, today!

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