Celebrating The Yorkshire Terrier

Have you heard about the Yorkshire Terrier that was recently reunited with his family after being lost for over a year? Bella, an 8-pound pup, went missing from Rhode Island in October of 2021, and turned up last month in Florida. Bella’s family was over the moon to have her back, which isn’t surprising. Yorkies are super cute and charming little dogs, and they have a way of winning hearts. A Frisco, TX vet discusses the beloved Yorkshire Terrier below.


As the name suggests, the Yorkshire Terrier originated in Britain. The exact details of the Yorkie’s origins are a bit scarce, but it seems the breed is the result of mixing various terriers that Scottish mine and mill workers brought to Yorkshire in the 1800’s. There are few written records, which may be due to either illiteracy or simple oversight. However, we do know of one standout pup: Huddersfield Ben. This well-known pooch is often considered one of the breed’s originators, and was even the subject of a painting. Fido was originally employed hunting rats, but then decided he much preferred being a pet, and became a beloved lapdog. The Yorkie made it to the States in 1872, and was registered in the AKC in 1885.


The Yorkie is one of the littlest terriers, typically only weighing about seven pounds. Theyare known for their pretty, silky fur. Colorwise, Yorkies are tan, with dark brown/grey markings. As far as grooming goes, these guys need to be brushed frequently, unless their coats are clipped. You’ll also need to keep Fido’s fur out of his eyes. It’s worth noting that Yorkies are often listed as being hypoallergenic, but that isn’t technically correct. While they may not cause as much of a reaction as other pups would, they do still produce dander. Ask your vet for more information.


As far as temperament goes, Yorkies are usually tiny bundles of delight on four super-tiny paws. They are playful and lovable, and, despite their size (or lack thereof), can do well at things like agility training. They’re also good watchdogs, at least insofar of letting their humans know if someone is at the door. Proper training and socialization are very important, of course. Ask your vet for specific care tips. 

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