World Pet Day: Fun Animal Statistics

World Pet Day is coming up on November 30th. We definitely encourage you to do something extra for Fido and Fluffy, such as giving them a new toy or a special treat. This is also a great time to look at some of the statistics about pets. A local Plano, TX vet delves into some fun facts about our furry friends in this article.

Pet Population

There are about 600 million kitties on the planet, and roughly 900 million dogs. Sadly, a large number of those are strays: the US has roughly 70 million homeless dogs and cats. Of those, roughly 6.5 million are admitted to shelters. Around 4 million of them will be adopted, and about 1.5 million will be euthanized. The rest will live out their lives as permanent residents of shelters or rescues.


It’s always interesting to see how different breeds move up or down in the popularity ranks each year. Things took an interesting turn in 2022, when the little French Bulldog knocked the super lovable Labrador Retriever out of the number one spot for most beloved dog breeds. The Lab had been sitting there—likely panting with his adorably goofy grin—for 31 years! Other popular dog breeds included the Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, and Poodle. As for kitties, the sweet and affectionate Ragdoll took first place, with the Maine Coon, Devon Red, Exotic Shorthair, and Persian filling in the next spots.

What’s In A Name?

Another fun trend to watch? Popular pet names. Luna was the most popular dog name of 2023 for girl dogs, followed by Bella, Daisy, and Maggie. For boys, Max took that top spot, with Charlie, Cooper, and Teddy following closely behind. As for kitties, Luna was also the top girl name for cats, followed by Lily, Bella, and Lucy. The most popular boy cat names were Oliver, Milo, Leo, and Charlie. We also saw some new pet names make the list. Those include Beano, Wedgie, Armageddon, and Cinderblock.


Other Pets


It’s probably no surprise that Fido and Fluffy are the most popular pets in the US. There are roughly 63 million pet dogs here, and 42 million kitties. However, other animals also have a lot of fans. Freshwater fish took the third spot, with 12 million pets. Birds are next, at 6 million, followed by small animals and reptiles, which were both 5 million.

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