Tips for Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

One of our feline friends’ many charms is the fact that they are quite independent. Your cat will groom herself daily, and will use the litterbox to see to her needs. Because they are so independent, cats can stay home alone for short times: you won’t have to rush home after work to walk your pet. However, before leaving Fluffy home alone, you’ll want to take some precautions to make sure she stays happy, healthy, and safe while she’s by herself. Below, a Frisco, TX vet offers tips on leaving cats home alone.


Never underestimate Fluffy’s ability to get into mischief! You’ll want to do some kittyproofing to keep your furball safe. Remove or secure toxic plants, plastic bags and wrappers, wires and cords, household chemicals, and any small objects that could present choking hazards. You’ll also want to be sure to pick up thread, strings, and ropes, including string toys. Ask your vet for more recommendations.


It may seem like cats love doing as little as possible, but believe it or not, Fluffy can get bored. Offer your feline pal at least one comfy seat with a good window view. Kitties can spend hours watching birds and squirrels!


Fluffy will probably spend a pretty good chunk of her day sleeping. Make sure your drowsy pet has plenty of cozy napping spots to snuggle up in.


Sitting home alone in a dark house is no fun! If you won’t be home before dark, leave a light on for your feline friend. Climate control is important as well: make sure your house stays at a comfortable temperature while you’re out. We also recommend leaving a TV or radio on for Fluffy. The sound of voices and music will soothe her, and keep her from feeling lonely.

Longer Absences

Senior cats, kittens, and pets with medical issues shouldn’t be left alone for long. If your furball falls into any of those categories, or if you are going to be gone more than a day or so, we recommend boarding her. If boarding isn’t a good option for you, have someone stop over to check on your kitty: Fluffy will need fresh food and water, and she’ll need her litterbox changed.

Please contact us, your Frisco, TX animal clinic, for all your cat’s boarding and veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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