Swimming Safety for Dogs

The dog days of summer are upon us! Many people like to head for the pool to cool off on those sweltering afternoons. Man’s Best Friend also enjoys taking a good dip now and then. Pools can be very dangerous for dogs, however, so you’ll want to be take some precautions to keep your furry friend safe. Below, a Plano, TX vet offers some swimming safety tips for Fido.

Swimming Lessons

If Fido can’t swim, take time to teach him. Support him in the water until he gets the hang of it, and reward him with praise and treats after his lesson. Some pups are better suited for swimming than others are: ask your vet for recommendations.

This Way Out

When bringing Fido to the pool, immediately show him where the pool exit is. Don’t just show him once: test him a bit, to make sure he really remembers. That way, if your furry buddy ever falls in when you aren’t watching, he can get out again. (Tip: mark the exit with a visible landmark, like a potted tree.)


We recommend fencing off your pool area. Even dogs that can swim well can get in trouble if they fall in and panic. Pool covers are another concern, as they can be very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend. Many dogs don’t realize that the cover isn’t really a solid surface. Fido could be in serious danger if he jumps onto that cover and falls in!

Paw Care

Just like human skin, doggy paw pads are very delicate when they’re wet. Fido can get painful burns and blisters by running around on sand, tar, or cement after swimming. Use paw balm or wax to protect those furry feet, and keep your pup on soft ground when he gets out of the water.


This may be easier said than done in some cases, but try not to let Fido drink pool water. Chlorine is definitely not one of your pet’s nutritional requirements! Make sure your pooch has plenty of clean, fresh water at all times.

After Swimming

When it’s time to head indoors, rinse Fido off to get the chemicals out of his fur. Then, give Fido a yummy treat to end the day with some tail wags.

Please contact us, your Plano, TX animal hospital, with any questions about your dog’s care. We’re here to help!

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