5 Things That Confuse Cats

Did you know that January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? If your kitty could talk, what do you think she would be most curious about? A Plano, TX vet lists some things that often confuse our feline friends below.


Kitties are very frisky and playful, and love climbing up things, especially when they’re little. Those sharp little claws make it easy for a frisky feline to scale trees, drapes, shower curtains, and, occasionally, their owners’ legs. Getting down is a bit trickier, however, as cats have to learn how to climb down things. Our feline friends also have been known roll themselves off beds and couches.

Car Rides

Fluffy and Fido are both wonderful pets, but they have drastically different opinions about many things, such as car rides. To Fido, a car ride is a fun adventure, often one that leads to another fun adventure, like a walk in a park. Fluffy, however, often thinks of car rides as scary, noisy, ordeals. Play the radio softly for your anxious pet, and try to avoid sudden stops and starts while she’s in the car.


Cats have many wonderful qualities, but they aren’t perfect, any more than we are. Actually, Fluffy has a few bad habits, like scratching improperly. Never punish your furball for misbehaving: you may just end up scaring or confusing her. Bribing your cat for good behavior is much more effective. Offer your kitty treats, toys, and praise when she is being good.

Veterinary Care

Many of our feline patients aren’t exactly thrilled to visit us. We don’t take it personally: we know strange places can be very scary for kitties! However, Fluffy will be much healthier if she sees the vet regularly. Coming to see us is definitely in your cat’s best interests, even if she doesn’t quite understand that.


Our feline pals have some rather interesting ways of showing their affection. Fluffy may wake you up by smacking you lightly with her paw, or she may steal your chair as soon as you get up. Kitties also sometimes sleep on our books and computers, or even pounce on our toes! Your furry overlord may not quite understand manners, but she’s just trying to show her love.

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