Making a Puppy Playzone

Does your dog have a yard to run around in? If so, that’s great! Fresh air and exercise are both great for Man’s Best Friend. If you really want to get that cute tail going, consider making an outdoor fun zone for your canine buddy. A Plano, TX vet discusses making a puppy playzone in this article.


While we strongly recommend that dogs live indoors, there’s nothing wrong with giving Fido his own little pad to hang out in. If you want to get your pooch a doghouse, look for one with great insulating properties. Plastic ones may be cheapest, but they won’t really keep your pup warm in winter or cool in summer. You’ll also want to make sure your furry pal’s home is raised up off the ground a bit , and that the door faces away from prevailing winds.


Fido’s outdoor area should always provide him shelter, water, and entertainment. Limit your pet’s outdoor time in bad weather, and never leave him outside too long.


If Fido likes digging, why not give him his own little sandbox? Bury some fun toys in it for your pooch to dig up. This is a great option if your four-legged pirate has been known to dig up your yard or flowerbeds. Your pup may have so much fun digging in his sandbox that he leaves the rest of the yard alone!


Toxic plants can be very, very dangerous for dogs. Learn to recognize some of the toxic plants that are native to your area. (Tip: check the ASPCA site here for a full list of safe and unsafe plants.) When planting things in your yard, always choose things that are safe for Fido. If you are concerned that your furry buddy will trample your garden, put in trails and walkways for him to run through, and then use borders to section off your plant beds.

Kiddie Pool

Does your canine pal love water? Why not get Fido a kiddie pool to splash around in? If you really want to make your pet’s area look cute, look for a bone-shaped doggie pool, or a pet sprinkler attachment. We recommend adding a filter to your hose, especially if your lawn system uses reclaimed water.

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