Traveling With Fido

Are you planning to get away this summer? If you have a dog, your canine buddy may be delighted to join you in your travels. Man’s Best Friend absolutely loves exploring! Just be sure to always put your pet’s safety first. Read on as a local Plano, TX vet offers some helpful tips on traveling with dogs.

Packing For The Pup

Don’t forget to pack a bag for the pooch! Fido will need food, bedding, toys, treats, a collar or halter, a leash, grooming supplies, and a doggy first-aid kit. You’ll also want to get some waste baggies, so you can pick up after your pup. We recommend bringing along some of the water your pooch usually drinks, as strange water could potentially upset that furry belly. Last but not least, bring copies of your dog’s registration and vaccinations.

Car Rides

Dogs should always travel in crates, for safety reasons. Make your furry pal’s carrier comfy by adding soft bedding and a few toys. Once you are on the road, you’ll need to stop every few hours to let your pup relieve himself and stretch his legs. If your four-legged buddy is prone to carsickness, don’t feed him right before you leave. Your canine friend will likely do better on an empty stomach. You’ll also want to keep a window cracked, so Fido always has fresh air flowing to him.

Veterinary Care

Make sure that Fido is up to date with his vaccinations and parasite control products. If your four-legged friend takes medication, bring more than enough to last until you get back. Ask your vet for more information.


Make sure to confirm your canine friend’s reservations in advance. If you are staying at hotels, make a list of pet-friendly hotels along your route. Be sure to ask about deposits and fees before you make reservations, so you don’t get an expensive surprise on your bill.


When you get to your destination, take a long walk with your furry best friend, so he can explore a bit and sniff some unfamiliar grass. This is a great way for you both to get a feel for your new surroundings. Don’t forget to get some cute photos of you and your canine companion on vacation!

Is your furry friend due for vaccinations or an exam? We can help! Contact us, your local Plano, TX animal clinic, today!

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