Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog

If you have a dog, walking your canine buddy is very likely a big part of your daily routine. Even if Fido has a yard to run around in, those regular walks will still benefit him in many ways. Just be sure to always keep safety in mind when you are out and about. Read on as a Plano, TX vet offers safety tips for walking your pet.

Night Walks

When walking Fido after dark, stick to familiar, well-lit paths, and don’t stay out too long. We also recommend using reflective gear, and bringing a flashlight and cell phone with you.


Proper training is very important! If you’re having trouble teaching your four-legged buddy to heel, ask your vet or a professional dog behaviorist for advice. (Tip: if Fido tends to try to haul you along behind him, try changing directions whenever your pup pulls on his leash.)


Make sure Fido’s leash is nice and sturdy. Some dogs do better with harnesses than with collars, so ask your vet for specific recommendations. While retractable leashes are great in some places, they can also be hazardous in certain situations. Use a regular leash if walking your canine pal near traffic or riverbanks.


When walking your furry pal on the side of the road, keep your pooch to the outside of the road. Fido has a much shorter profile than you do, and is harder for drivers to spot.


Many people like to listen to music while they are walking their dogs. There’s nothing wrong with this, but be careful not to turn the volume up too loud. It’s important for you to be able hear what’s going on around you.

Paw Care

Have you ever walked barefoot on hot tar or sand? Ouch! This can be just as painful for dogs as it is for people. When it gets really hot out, keep your furry buddy on soft surfaces, and try to walk him in the mornings and evenings, when it’s cooler out. Using paw balm or wax on your pet’s feet will help protect his paws as well. Also, pay attention to the terrain as you are walking, and steer your canine companion around broken glass or other potential hazards.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Plano, TX pet hospital, today!

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