Adorable Ways Kitties Demand Attention

Do you have a cuddly kitty? While some cats are rather aloof, many of our feline pals are quite the little cuddlebugs. In fact, some of the ways Fluffy begs for attention are super cute! Here, a Frisco, TX vet lists some adorable ways cats let us know they want to be petted right meow.


Some kitties are rather straightforward about things. Fluffy may simply meow to tell you that she wants to be picked up.

The Dash

Does your kitty sometimes run out in front of you? This may be one way of letting you know she wants you to pay attention to her!

The Paw Swipe

Cats can be rather bossy when it comes to requesting attention, but they can also be very polite. Fluffy may gently tap you with a paw to let you know she wants to cuddle. Your furball may also snag your sleeve with a claw when she wants attention.

The Lap Attack

Another thing Fluffy may do when she wants to snuggle is simply jump into your lap and start purring and rubbing her head against you. This one is pretty tough to refuse!

The Leg Rub

If your feline friend rubs against your legs, she is letting you know she wants something. While Fluffy may very well be asking for her supper, kitties also sometimes do this when they want to be picked up.

Table Hockey

Does your feline pal have a penchant for smacking small objects off tables? No one is quite sure why kitties do this, but it may very well be another way for Fluffy to insist that you pay attention to her.

The Bookmark

Fluffy has a habit of sprawling out on top of books or magazines, especially when people are trying to read them. This may be your furry friend’s way of making sure you use your time wisely: by paying attention to her!

The Sneak Attack

Kitties can be absolutely adorable when they’re feeling frisky. Fluffy may very well hide behind a door or plant so she can run out at you as you walk past. Indulge this adorable request for playtime, and go get that wand toy or laser pointer. Time spent with cats is never wasted!

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