Dog Grooming Hacks

Does your canine buddy have long, fluffy fur? Or is your pup’s coat short and sleek? Just like people, dogs have many different types of hair. While your furry pal’s grooming needs will depend very much on what type of fur he has, all pups need some sort of grooming. Read on as a Plano, TX vet offers some helpful dog grooming tips.


Does your four-legged pal bolt for cover the second he hears the word Bath? If so, you may want to work on desensitizing your pooch. Call Fido into the tub, give him a yummy treat, and then just let him go. Your furry friend will miraculously become much more willing to get into the tub!


If your pooch is a heavy shedder, you may want to take him outside to brush him. That way, the extra fur will just blow away, instead of getting stuck to your clothes and furniture. You may also want to wear an apron when giving your pet his beauty treatments, so you don’t end up with dog fur all over your clothes.


Does Fido sometimes track mud into the house? Look for a specialized mat for him to wipe his paws on, and teach him to clean his feet before coming in. You can also just keep a damp washcloth or some baby wipes near the door, and wipe his feet yourself before bringing him inside.

Grooming Supplies

Get a special shower caddy just for Fido, and keep his grooming supplies in that. You may also want to get a clear shower curtain to use when bathing your pet in the tub. Cut two slits in it for you to reach your arms through. That way, you won’t get quite as soaked.

Fur Buster

Did you know that rubber gloves work great at getting dog fur off your carpets and upholstery? You can also use a damp sponge or dishcloth.


Has your four-legged friend ever decided to play in a patch of burrs? If so, you’ll want to get some work gloves and vegetable shortening, such as Crisco. Use the gloves and grease to remove the burrs, and then just give Fido a bath to get the oil out of his coat.

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