Dog Care Hacks

Dogs are wonderful pets, and really add something special to our lives. Fido’s love and loyalty, along with his unconditional friendship, have really helped him earn the title of Man’s Best Friend. It does take some work to keep that cute tail wagging, however. We are here to help! Here, a Frisco, TX vet lists some great dog care hacks that will make caring for Fido a bit easier.

Paws For Thought

Do you have a hard time getting your pet to hold still when it’s time to clip his claws? Teach Fido that he will get a tasty treat if he holds a paw out for you to Shake. After your pup is accustomed to this, start holding his paw a little longer. The next step is to take out the clippers, and start running them over his toes. Offer your pooch praise, treats, and ear scritches when you do this, so he forms a good association with getting his peticure. With a little time and effort, you may find your furry buddy much more willing to get his nails done.

Bathtime Busters

Does your pooch run and hide when he hears the word ‘Bath?’ While Fido may enjoy that salon-fresh feeling of being clean and well-groomed, he isn’t particularly fond of the bathing process. Call your canine buddy into the bathroom, and have him hop into the tub. Then, give him a yummy snack. Choose something special, like a steak, that he doesn’t get often. Once Fido has had his treat, just let him go. Keep doing this, and your furry friend will magically become less suspicious of the bathroom.


Leash pulling is another bad habit, and one that can be dangerous, especially with large dogs and/or slippery surfaces. If your furry pal pulls on the leash, immediately stop, turn around, and start walking the other way. Do this every single time Fido yanks his leash. As one can imagine, training can be a little tiresome, but that’s why it works!

Walking Jacket

Designate a specific jacket for walking your canine friend. Fill the pockets with treats, waste baggies, spare keys, a phone charger, and anything else you may need. That way, you’ll only have to grab one thing on your way out!

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