Keeping Kitty Content

There are many things to love about cats. One great thing about our feline friends is the fact that they are quite easy to care for. Just offering Fluffy good food, fresh water, regular veterinary care, and a clean litterbox will cover her basic needs. But what does it take to make your furball truly happy? Below, a Plano, TX vet offers tips on keeping your kitty content and purring.


Even if your pampered pet has never hunted anything aside from a catnip mouse, she’ll still be instinctively driven to pounce on things. Make sure Fluffy has plenty of toys to push under the couch! This will let your kitty indulge her inner predator. It will also help her stay in shape, and provide her with beneficial mental stimulation.


Cat furniture is great for Fluffy’s health and well-being. Cat towers offer kitties scratching posts, jungle gyms, napping spots, vantage points, and manicure stations. Pet tents and condos will give your furball places to explore and hide. Of course, our feline friends also love comfy beds.

Window View

A good window view can keep your furry little buddy occupied for hours on end. Make Fluffy a comfy window seat, so she can spy on local wildlife, sunbathe, and daydream about being a fierce hunter.


Toys are great, but as far as Fluffy is concerned, the best cat toy around is you. Take time to play with your feline pal every day. To make this more fun for your cute pet, use a toy that you can control, like a laser pointer.


Cats are very emotional, and are happiest when they feel loved and safe. Many of our feline pals are quite the little cuddlebugs! Pay attention to your kitty every day. Talk to her, pet her, play with her, and let her snooze on your lap if she likes.

Small Comfort

Fluffy will typically do just fine if you leave her home alone while you are working. Just keep your pet’s comfort in mind. Leave a light on if you’ll be gone after dark. You may also want to keep a TV or radio on. The voices and music can soothe your furball, and help keep her from feeling lonely.

Please reach out to us, your local Plano, TX pet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to assist!

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