Choosing Fido’s Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming up! Have you picked out a costume yet? It’s always fun to see what people come up with for ideas. Fido also gets in on the fun sometimes. He’s been a walrus, a lobster, a panda bear, and a taco, just to name a few. However, there are some things to keep in mind when dressing your dog. A Frisco, TX vet discusses choosing your pet’s outfit in this article.


First things first: make sure that your four-legged pal’s outfit fits properly, and isn’t too tight, hot, or itchy. Your pup’s clothes should not restrict his vision or movements in any way. You may want to measure your canine friend at home, then text his measurements to yourself. That way, you’ll already have them with you when you go shopping.

Fido’s Personality

Have some fun with your furry best friend, and pick something that goes with his personality. You can also dress him in something that goes with your outfit. For instance, if you’re going as a Star Wars character, try dressing him as an Ewok.


Avoid anything that has zippers, as they can catch Fido’s fur. We also recommend staying away from outfits with small parts, like buttons, that your canine companion may try to eat. These can be serious choking hazards! Also on the no-no list are outfits with parts that are flammable, and anything that might be too hot. It isn’t a bad idea to stick to things you find in pet stores. Because these outfits are specifically made for dogs, they’ll have been designed with Fido’s comfort and safety in mind.

The Big Day

Once you have your four-legged buddy dressed, keep a close eye on him. Watch for signs that he is getting hot or uncomfortable, such as panting or whining. If your pooch seems uneasy, take his outfit off, and let him be. (Tip: if you want to get pictures, take them as soon as Fido is dressed.)

Other Options

Let your pooch have a say in his outfit. If Fido doesn’t like dressing up, don’t force him to wear an outfit. Just put a cute bow tie or bandana around his neck. He’ll still be adorable!

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