Happy Mew Year’s Day for Cats!

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe, but it’s officially 2019. January 1st is most commonly known as New Year’s Day, but there’s another very special kitty holiday this week. Tomorrow is Happy Mew Year’s Day for cats! Here, a local Frisco, TX vet discusses ringing in the new year with Fluffy. 

Fluffy’s Resolutions

Your pet may very well have some resolutions of her own for the coming year. Fluffy may try to purrfect her pounce, or nail that complicated desk-to-sofa jump she’s been struggling with. Other things your furry pal may set as her purrsonal goals include successfully ambushing you, improving her napping times, or just spending more time on your lap. Your furball may also want to catch that red dot, or work on making sure that her cat fur distribution is on point.

Keeping Kitty Healthy

Why not include your pet in your own resolutions? Keep your furry friend happy and entertained by making sure she has lots of fun toys to push under the couch. Proper veterinary care is also very important. Most of our feline patients should visit us at least once a year, though your vet may recommend more frequent appointments.

Out With The Old

This is a great time to take a look at your cat’s belongings and see if anything should be replaced. Discard old toys, and wash Fluffy’s bedding. If your furry buddy has a cat tower, clean that as well. If it’s really worn, recover or replace it.

Celebrating The Mew Year

Start the new year out by taking some adorable photos of your kitty. You may also want to brighten up her day by getting her a new toy. Fluffy may appreciate an automated laser pointer, a remote-controlled mouse, or just a classic catnip toy. You can also offer your cute pet a yummy snack. Canned chicken or tuna in water is a good option. Plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry is also fine. Of course, if you really want to spoil your furball, get her a comfy new bed or a piece of cat furniture.

All of us here at Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital, your Frisco, TX animal clinic, want to wish you a wonderful new year. Please contact us if we can ever be of assistance. We look forward to offering your feline buddy excellent veterinary care in 2019 and beyond.

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