Caring for a Small Dog

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We love dogs of any breed, from tiny Chihuahuas to big, goofy St. Bernards. While all of our canine pals share some similar care requirements, your pup’s breed and size will both play large roles in his pet care regimen. In this article, a Plano, TX vet offers tips on caring for pint-sized pups.

Breed Characteristics

Fido’s breed will definitely affect his personality. Many small breeds were historically companion pets, and are quite content just to snuggle up on their owners’ laps. Others, like terriers, were historically hunters or herders. In fact, the adorable little Corgi is a competent herding dog, who likes to keep livestock in line by nipping at their heels. Do some research into your pup’s specific breed.


Just because Fido is small, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be trained. Make sure your canine buddy knows simple commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. This is very important because many little dogs can actually act quite aggressive. Even a tiny pooch can do damage if they bite!


Teach your pet that you’ll pick him up if he paws your leg. This can help Fido feel more comfortable in certain situations, like when there are bigger dogs around.


When shopping for your pup, always choose products that are specifically made for small dogs. Fido could hurt himself playing with a toy made for bigger pooches!


No matter what size Fido is, it’s important to keep him active. However, a little dog may get quite a workout in just running around the house! Small pooches also get tired out much more quickly than big dogs. Be careful not to overexert the little guy!


It’s very easy for little dogs to become obese. Follow your vet’s nutritional recommendations, including portion sizes and suitable snacks.


Many small dogs are prone to tearstains. This is in part because they’re quite low to the ground, and can easily get dust in their eyes. Use a moist cotton ball to clean Fido’s eyes. If your pup has fur that grows toward his eyes, use round-end scissors to carefully snip these locks back.

Please contact us, your Plano, TX vet clinic, anytime. Whether your pooch is a little dog or a giant breed, we’re here to help you keep him healthy and fit!

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