If Cats Had Thumbs

Did you know that there is a very cute and fun pet holiday coming up? March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! It’s probably safe to say that if Fido suddenly grew thumbs, raiding the refrigerator and letting himself out would be at the top of his agenda. But what about Fluffy? In this article, a Frisco, TX vet offers some tips on what our frisky feline pals would do if they suddenly grew thumbs.

Go Through… Everything

Cats are very curious by nature. Your snoopy furball may be really interested in finding out exactly what is in all those drawers and cabinets she usually can’t open. Fluffy may also go through the fridge. You may come home to find your fridge empty and your home more or less ransacked, with the furry culprit sound asleep in the middle of the mess.

Lock The Dog Out

Fluffy and Fido can get along, but they haven’t always been best friends. We suspect that at least a few of our feline friends would immediately lock their canine roommates out of the house, then steal their beds and take a long nap.

Turn Up The Heat

This one may change a bit, depending on the time of year, but in colder months, your furball may very well adjust the thermostat. Kitties love finding warm places to fall asleep in!

Cancel Her Appointments

We know that visiting us isn’t Fluffy’s favorite thing, and we go all-out to make appointments comfortable for her. That said, if our feline patients suddenly gained the ability to cancel their own appointments, either by text or by email, we suspect that huge holes would start appearing in our calendars.


If you’ve ever heard an amorous furball ‘singing’ a love song, you’d probably be inclined to agree that kitties aren’t exactly the best musicians around. However, we suspect that Fluffy may actually do pretty well at simply snapping her thumbs.


While some cats are better at fishing than others are, it’s probably safe to say that these little furballs would waste little time in learning how to use a rod and reel. Of course, if you have a fish, Fluffy may just pluck her scaled roommate directly out of the tank.

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