Fido’s Cutest New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Are you ringing in 2020 with a dog at your side? Your canine buddy will stay loyally by your side in the coming months, offering friendship, support, and tail wags on both good days and bad. If Fido could make resolutions, what do you think would be on his list? A local Plano, TX vet offers a few suggestions in this article.

Score More Belly Rubs

Man’ Best Friend is very affectionate, and he loves getting attention. It’s impossible not to smile at the happy expressions Fido gets when he’s being petted!


We don’t have to explain this one. Fido absolutely loves bacon! A little bit here and there is fine, but don’t overindulge your pooch with this fatty snack.

Get My Bed Back From The Cat

Fluffy may be smaller than Fido, but that doesn’t always stop her from bossing him around. We suspect that quite a few of our canine patients got pushed out of their own beds by their feline roommates last year!

Catch That Squirrel

Dogs are very playful, and they’re never more frisky than when they spot a squirrel. Make sure your four-legged buddy knows how to Heel. If Fido hasn’t mastered basic doggy obedience yet, work on that this year.

Avoid Baths

Fido may enjoy feeling soft and clean, but he’s not particularly fond of the process that gets him there. Your furry pal may very well try to get out of his baths this year. Sorry, buddy: it’s for your own good!

Car Rides!

Man’s Best Friend definitely has a taste for adventure. Many of our four-legged friends love exploring new places with their humans! Get your pup’s cute tail wagging by taking him to a new park this year, or visiting a few trails with him. This is also a great way for you to get some fresh air and exercise.

Spend Lots Of Time With My Human

Our canine companions have many wonderful traits, but their unconditional loyalty is definitely one of the best. Your dog won’t care if you make your fitness goals this year. He just wants to spend time with you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Plano, TX vet clinic, we are dedicated to helping you keep your pet healthy in 2020 and for years to come!

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