Fido’s Favorite Jobs

Labor Day is just a few days off. Many of us are looking forward to enjoying a long weekend, and officially winding the summer down with friends and family. However, it’s also important to remember and recognize the meaning of the holiday: it’s a celebration of those hard-working men and women whose contributions help keep things running. Of course, our canine companions are also very hard workers. Fido started out helping us herd livestock, protect our properties, and hunt and track game. However, he’s since been promoted to several other positions. Read on as a local Plano, TX vet lists some of Man’s Best Friend’s favorite duties.

Personal Trainer

Did you know that people with dogs tend to be thinner than those who don’t have canine buddies? All those walks really do add up! Fido definitely makes a great hiking buddy.


Fido is very loyal and loving, and he will be there to offer you support in his own doggy way no matter what curveballs life throws at you. The comfort and companionship our furry friends offer can make a huge difference in tough times.

Security Guard

One of dogs’ most valued traits is their natural inclination to protect their humans. Dogs have put their lives on the line to save their humans, and have in some cases taken extraordinary risks to help people who are in danger.


Our canine pals definitely keep us laughing. Fido’s adorable antics just never lose their charm. Head tilts, tail wags, happy dances … these cute doggy quirks can always put a smile on our faces.


Dogs love us unconditionally, which is a very rare and special thing. Your pooch will stick with you through thick and thin, and will always be in your corner. That’s definitely something to celebrate!

Door Man

Even a Chihuahua can excel at this task, simply by alerting his humans to the fact that there is something at the door.

Vacuum Cleaner

One thing about having a dog: if you drop a burger while cooking, your furry buddy will step right up to help you take care of it. (This is why you need to be very careful with unsafe foods, such as grapes and raisins.)

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