Resolutions For People With Senior Dogs

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2020? If so, you may want to include your canine buddy. Of course, your pet-related resolutions will vary a bit, depending on Fido’s age. If your furry bff is in his golden years, read on! A Frisco, TX veterinarian lists a few things to put on your to-do list below.

Keep Fido Comfortable

When it comes to caring for older dogs, comfort is definitely king. A good bed is a must. Proper grooming is also important. Climate control is crucial as well, especially in summer. When it’s hot out, make sure your four-legged friend has plenty of water, and access to cool, shaded areas.

Offer Good Food

Fido’s nutritional needs will change as he ages. He may need lower calorie foods. Many senior pups benefit from certain supplements, such as glucosamine. Older dogs also sometimes have quite sensitive stomachs. Avoid rich and/or fatty treats. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Provide A Senior-Friendly Environment

Look around your home, and consider how to make life easier for Fido. Your furry buddy may appreciate having carpet runners, to help with traction or finding his way around. You may also want to put gates before stairwells, and set out nightlights to help your canine companion get around after dark. Pet ramps or stairs may also be useful.

Consider More Frequent Veterinary Appointments

Senior dogs need to visit their doctors a little more often, just as people do. Your vet may recommend bringing Fido in more frequently, especially if he has a medical condition. It’s also worth noting that there are now many helpful treatment options for common ailments, such as arthritis. Acupuncture and laser therapy are two examples. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Adjusted Workout Schedule

Fido won’t be as active as he once was, but don’t let him become a complete couch potato. Most older dogs need at least a daily walk. Just take care not to overexert your canine pal!

Savor This Time

This is a very special time in your dog’s life. You may find that Fido somehow becomes even cuter and more lovable as he ages! Pay lots of attention to your furry friend, and make sure he feels loved and safe.

Everyone here at Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital, your Frisco, TX animal clinic, wants to wish you a wonderful new year. Call us anytime!

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