Fluffy’s Holiday Traditions

Whether it’s visiting a certain place, listening to carols, or getting together with family to enjoy some outdoor fun, we all have our own little traditions. Cats are creatures of habit, so it’s no surprise to find that they also have a few of their own. A Frisco, TX vet lists some of Fluffy’s favorites in this article.

Enjoy A Treat

Fluffy likes to supervise her humans as they cook. She would also be more than happy to judge some samples, especially if you’re making fish or poultry dishes. You can give your feline friend a taste, but remove the skin and bones first. Kitties can also enjoy some plain, canned tuna, or some shredded deli meat.

Tree Mischief

Fluffy’s favorite holiday ritual may very well be wreaking havoc on the tree. Every year, dozens—if not hundreds—of frisky furballs topple their humans’ carefully-decorated trees. Our advice? Put just a few non-breakable items on the lower branches of the tree. The majority of the decorations, including the tinsel and lights and any small or sharp ornaments, should go on the top two thirds. Need a stronger kitty deterrent? Try using tin foil as a tree skirt!

Pounce On New Toys

Don’t forget to get Fluffy a stocking of her own! You can fill it with things like catnip mice, little balls, remote-controlled toys, and, of course, catnip. If you want to get your feline buddy something bigger, get her a comfy bed or perhaps some kitty furniture, such as a cat tower. Or, sign her up for a pet subscription box, so she’ll get toys, treats, and catnip deliveries every month!

Box Theft

Fluffy is completely obsessed with boxes. Don’t be surprised if your furball tries to hop into ones you’re trying to put gifts in! Give your playful little pet some empty boxes and gift bags once everyone has opened their gifts. Just cut the handles on gift bags, so she can’t get caught in them.


The holidays can get pretty hectic. Make some time to relax and enjoy some downtime with Fluffy. Settling in with your family, your feline pal, some snacks, and a good book or movie is a pretty purrfect way to spend a chilly (or warm) December night!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital, your Frisco, TX pet hospital. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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