Cold Treats For Cats

Summer isn’t far off now. As you may have noticed, Texas summers can be scorchers. Heat can be pretty hard on cats: they don’t really have many ways to cool themselves off, and can overheat very quickly. Keeping Fluffy indoors, in rooms with fans or air conditioning, will help her stay cool. However, she may also appreciate a frozen snack. A Plano, TX vet lists some cold snacks for kitties in this article. 


Frozen Broth Cubes


Sodium-free broth is a great option, as it contains electrolytes that help your feline pal stay hydrated. You can use fish, chicken, or beef flavor. Of course, regular ice cube molds are probably a bit too big for your furry friend, so you’ll want to freeze it in something that will be a good size for Fluffy. (Tip: try using small bottle caps.) You don’t even have to freeze it: your kitty may also appreciate a bowl of cold broth. 




Here’s an easy one: dribble some wet canned food over crushed ice for your little buddy. You can also experiment with different flavors. Fluffy probably won’t mind if you add a little shredded deli meat or kibble, either!


Store-bought Products 


Our ice cream is neither safe nor suitable for Fluffy: it has a lot of fat and sugar in it, which just aren’t great for cats. However, you can get your feline overlord some of her own. Ben and Jerry’s offers the Cool Claws flavor, while Pet Winery has Screaming Bonito. You can also find squeezable frozen treats for kitties in many pet stores and supermarkets. 


Homemade Options 


If you like, you can also experiment with making things yourself. Mix and match different ingredients, such as blueberries, banana, frozen yogurt, spinach, and, of course, meat, fish, or poultry. You can use frozen yogurt, cat milk, water, or broth to thin out the texture. One option is to combine plain, fat-free frozen yogurt with canned tuna or chicken, and mix it into an ice-cream like texture in a blender. Or, combine shredded deli meat with ice and broth, and offer her that. Just stick with foods you know are safe. Some things to avoid include avocado, chocolate, garlic and onion, grapes and raisins, and pitted fruit. Ask your vet for more information. 


Do you have questions about caring for your feline buddy? Contact us, your Plano, TX animal clinic, today! 

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