Puplifting News From Texas

August 26th is National Dog Day! This is a pretty important day for Fido. However, it may not be the most newsworthy event our canine pals have had this year. A local Plano, TX vet goes over the Lone Star State’s pawsitive dog news in this article.

Long Way Home

Today happens to be Check the Chip Day. We can’t think of a better example of why it’s important to have your furry pal chipped and to check that chip regularly than the story of Jack and Jill. These two beloved family pups apparently went running up a hill and didn’t come home. The dogs were missing for more than three years, despite the heartbroken family’s efforts to find them. The family eventually had to relocate from Arkansas here to Texas, but still hoped to some day reunite with their beloved pets. And then, out of the blue, they got THE call they’d been hoping for all that time. Jill was returned to them, thanks to that tiny microchip, and is happy, healthy, and safe.

Pawsitive Laws

Over the past few years, we’ve seen several laws passed that help protect our animal companions. Last year’s Safe Outdoors Dog Act is one example. This law set specific requirements for tethered dogs, requiring that they be kept in clean, comfortable conditions. There are also a few bills headed for the Governor’s desk. House Bill 360 ensures that people who participate in Trap/Neuter/Release programs won’t be charged with abandonment for releasing fixed stray community cats. Senate Bill 876 takes aim at puppy mills, requiring anyone with more than five breeding female dogs to obtain a license. Last but certainly not least, House Bill 598 prohibits anyone convicted with animal cruelty from owning or living with animals for five years after their conviction.

Music Soothes The Soul

Some of Houston’s shelter dogs are getting special performances by a young musician. Ten year-old pianist Yuvi Agarwal has been taking time to play piano for pups, in the hopes of calming them and also driving positive change. The little boy is a big hit with his four-legged audience: shelter staff were amazed at the dogs’ responses and how much they clearly enjoyed the serenade. This makes perfect sense. Being in a shelter is very stressful for our canine pals! Yuvi’s own dog, of course, is his number one fan.

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