Signs Of Pain In Cats

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This is a very important—and sometimes confusing–topic for people owned by kitties. Fluffy can be quite complicated at times! A Plano, TX vet lists some common warning signs and their exceptions below.

Lack Of Appetite

It’s usually a red flag when an animal isn’t eating. In Fluffy’s case, however, you do have to account for pickiness. Most animals lower their dining standards when they’re hungry. Cats, however, will absolutely refuse anything that smells even slightly off. If your furry friend  is being finicky, she should meow to demand something else. A kitty that isn’t interested in food at all may very well be sick.

Poor Fur Condition

Fluffy is very clean. However, if she isn’t feeling well, she may neglect her usual beauty regimen. If she does, it won’t take long for her coat to start looking greasy or unkempt. The exception in this case? Senior cats, as they are sometimes too stiff and sore to properly clean themselves.


If your normally-friendly cat is spending all of her time in a closet, she may be ill. The exception to this one would be if your feline pal is hiding due to a change or disturbance, such as a move, a loud party, or the arrival of a new person or pet.


Vomiting is another red flag. Frequent or excessive vomiting should definitely warrant a call to the vet. That said, it isn’t unusual for cats to have hairballs … which are no more fun for Fluffy than they are for you.


Being sick or in pain isn’t exactly a mood booster for either people or pets. That applies to our feline friends as well. If Fluffy is hissing, biting, or growling, she may be acting extra defensive because she doesn’t feel well. Then again, kitties also sometimes bite or scratch affectionately. If your furry pal is being playful, she probably won’t bite hard, and may act silly or zoomy.


Lethargy is another common sign of sickness in cats. Of course, this can be hard to spot in a furball that sleeps 16 hours a day!


In general, you’ll want to look for behavior that is out of the ordinary for your feline buddy. If in doubt, err on the side of caution, and contact your vet. Better safe than sorry!

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