Canine Body Language How To Tell If Fido Loves You

Have you ever wondered what your pooch is thinking? Our four-legged friends can be difficult to read sometimes, especially for first-time dog owners. Fido may not be able to talk to us, but he does give quite a bit of information away through his behavior and body language. Read on as a local Plano, TX vet lists some cute ways to tell if your dog loves you.

Following You

Some of our canine pals really want to be with their humans 24/7. If Fido doesn’t want to let you out of his sight, or just often voluntarily hangs out in the same room you’re in, it’s a good sign of puppy love.

Happy Dance

One of the best things about having a dog? There will always be someone to greet you at the door. Fido literally jumps for joy when his humans come home from work!  

Bringing Toys

Does your canine pal sometimes run up to you, holding a toy for you to throw for him? These adorable requests for playtime are a sure sign that your furry buddy thinks you’re pretty great. Indulge Fido, and take time to play with him every day.

Tail Wag

This may very well be the cutest sign of doggy affection. Some dogs get so excited to see their humans that they smack their tails against things hard enough to cause injuries. (This is appropriately called Happy Tail Syndrome.) What many people don’t know, however, is that a slow tail wag is often a sign of uncertainty or wariness.


Dogs will only snuggle up with people they feel safe around. If Fido sprawls out beside you, or on your lap, then your canine companion definitely thinks highly of you. However, you should never hug a strange dog, or one that seems uneasy. This is a sign of dominance in doggy language, and can spark defensive or fearful reactions.

Eye Contact

Eye contact doesn’t exactly mean the same thing to dogs as it does to people: it can actually be a sign of intimidation to them. (This is why you should never look a strange pooch in the eye.) That said, if Fido gazes at you lovingly, it’s a pretty big compliment.


Do some reading on canine body language. It’s quite fascinating, and is also just helpful information to know.

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