Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Kitties may very well be one of the most purrplexing creatures on this planet. Fluffy is full of adorable quirks and mannerisms. That’s part of what makes her so much fun! And while there are some things we may never quite figure out about our feline pals, we can shed some light on a few of their peculiar ways. A Plano, TX vet discusses some of Fluffy’s stranger habits below.

Love Bites

Kitties are cute, sweet, and cuddly, but don’t forget that they are hunters at heart. Fluffy’s playful habits of biting, pouncing, and kicking are very much tied into her predatory instincts. Sometimes she gets her signals crossed a bit, and will want to play with you by, well, attacking you. Many cats don’t bite or scratch hard when they’re playing, and they sometimes stop chomping on you to lick your hand.


Have you ever seen your cat freeze when she spots a bird or squirrel outside her window? You may also notice her making strange noises with her teeth? We suspect this is a transmission issue that happens when cats change gears from pampered pet to predator.

Box Obsession

One thing that will never stop being adorable? Fluffy’s box obsession. Cats just can’t seem to resist boxes. The size of the box doesn’t really matter much. Actually, neither does the size of the cat!

Table Smack

It’s probably safe to say that all of you have seen your furry pals smacking things off counters and coffee tables with their paws. This seems to be a way of demanding attention. Fluffy isn’t shy about demanding what she wants, whether it’s lap space, breakfast, or cuddles. (Then again, maybe this is just a way to strike fear into our hearts.)

Leg Rubs

Cats sometimes rub themselves around their humans’ legs. This is usually something they do while they’re waiting for dinner, or perhaps as a way to beg for a tidbit of what their humans are cooking. Fluffy is also marking you with her scent when she does this … essentially ‘claiming’ you as hers.


It’s important to understand why cats scratch. Fluffy isn’t trying to ruin her things: she’s just taking care of her claws. In the wild, kitties depend on those little paw daggers for their survival, so they have a very deep-seated need to care for them. Provide suitable manicure stations.

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