Giving Your Dog A Plushie

October 28th may be one of Fido’s favorite days: it’s Plush Animal Lovers Day! Our canine patients would definitely be more than happy to help celebrate this special occasion. However, while it’s adorable to watch Fido playing with a stuffed animal, there are a few things to keep in mind. A local Plano, TX vet offers some advice on this below.

Choose The Right Size

Make sure to only give Fido plushies that are the right size for him. There are some pretty cute toys now that come in sets. For instance, your canine companion may enjoy a volcano toy with dragon plushies, or a log with squirrel plushies. However, the smaller one may be choking hazards for larger breeds.

Keep Safety In Mind

Not all plush toys are safe for pups. If there are any small parts, such as plastic eyes or buttons, remove these. Anything with ribbons or cords is also unsafe, as are items with batteries. This is one reason it’s best to stick with stuffies specifically made for dogs. Your furry friend may love a child’s teddy bear, but it probably won’t be as durable, and may not stand up to Fido’s teeth.  

Be Cautious Of Squeakers

One reason that stuffed animals are so popular with our canine buddies is because they remind pups of the smaller animals he would hunt in the wild. The squeaker also often triggers Fido’s predatory instincts. In fact, some dogs immediately—and neatly—remove those squeakers. Unfortunately, those squeakers can be hazardous. They’re choking hazards, and can cause serious internal injuries if swallowed.

Care And Replacement

Fido plays using his mouth, so it doesn’t take long for plushies to get, well, kind of crusty. Many stuffed animals can be washed, either in the washer or by hand. Check label instructions first. Your pooch may also tear his toys. You can fix a small rip, but if that squirrel plushy has seen better days, it may be better to just replace it … when your four-legged friend isn’t looking.

Comfort Toys

Pay attention to how Fido uses his plush toy. Some pooches treat them as ‘prey’ while others just want to snuggle up with them. It’s normal for pups to get excited about toys, but if your furry pal gets protective or aggressive with his playthings, ask your vet or a pet behaviorist for tips.

Please contact us, your Plano, TX veterinary hospital, for all your dog’s care needs. We’re here for you!

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